Deck Shuffleboard

House Rules

  • No food or beverages over the playing surface.
  • All discs and cues must remain on the shuffleboard courts.
  • Winners stay on.
  • To challenge winners, please add your name to the chalkboard
  • Trash talking encouraged.

Game Rules

  • Do not walk across the courts. Please walk around.
  • 2 teams per court. Each team gets 4 discs.
  • The yellow team starts the game by sending a disc down to the scoring triangle at the other end of the court with their cue-stick.
  • Next, black and yellow alternate until all 8 discs have been played. This is one frame. A full match is 8 frames.
  • Teammates at the far end let their partners know which discs are scoring and pull the discs that land in the dead zone out of play.
  • Keep your discs on your side of the shooting triangle.
  • A scoring disc can’t touch ANY line. Not even a little.
  • At the end of each frame, count up the points of the scoring discs that are left in the triangle.
  • Write each team’s points on the scoreboard, adding to the last frame’s score as you go. 
  • Whoever has the most points at the end of each 8 frames, WINS.

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